Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanks for the Ideas

I think Jon enjoyed his birthday. We took a few of the ideas given. Thank you for them. There were lots of great ones to which I am sure I will refer in future years. I wrote a play about Jon's life and the girls performed it for him. They were really cute and I got the whole thing on video. 

At his request, I made coconut cream pie instead of banana cream. He was in the mood for something new. It turned out great I guess. He is the only one in our family who likes coconut so he is eating the whole pie by himself piece by piece, day by day. He has mentioned how yummy it was about 4 times since he had the first piece so I guess he liked it. If you want the recipe, it is on It is Emril's best coconut cream pie.

Then after the kids went to bed he hopped in the hot tub for a bit and then I gave him a relaxing back massage. He loves massages and I rarely ever give them so that was a special treat.

Thanks again for the ideas. I am working on a Stellilalagoogoo story for tomorrow. I have told it to my girls a couple of nights in a row now working out the fine details. It is a Christmas version. I will try to write it up tomorrow in time for anyone who wants to tell it to their kids for bedtime tomorrow. It is one of my favorite that I have made up so far. Watch for it tomorrow.


Kathryn_m said...

Hmmmm .... the only one who likes coconut cream, huh? Next year, for #36, you can add "method to his madness". :-)

bsu fam said...

I recently found your blog. It is very touching and I held my "strep stricken" kids a little bit longer last night because of you. Thanks for reminding me to take time to love them instead of just taking care of the everyday things.

Anonymous said...

I know this is probably not a good question to ask and I totally understand if you don't want to answer it but I was just wondering if you have a hard time using the hot tub or being in the back yard now? I have a cousin who committed suicide a few years ago and my aunt still has trouble going the places he had been or doing things he liked to do. She has asked for my advice before and I just don't know what to tell her.