Sunday, November 16, 2008

Forgotten Treasures

We have been decorating here at the Waite house -- Christmas decorating. Last year we were living in my parents home. They had just returned from a mission. We were set to move into our new home a few weeks after Christmas. 

Last year when we decorated we used mostly my parents decorations. I didn't want to have to pack all ours up again to make the move. But I did need to get the stockings out for our family. 

Now I am a planner. I found Christmas stockings I liked years and years ago when Sabrina was a baby. I knew then that I wanted about six children. I didn't know if the company from whom I was buying our stockings would sell these stockings each year. I wanted all our families stockings to be the same type so ... I bought 8 stockings that year. 

When we have had a new baby, I have just picked one of the stockings out for her and sent it off to get her name embroidered on it. Last year we had a new baby girl. Of all the boxes piled in the garage I did find the one with the stockings with our names. What I could not find for all my looking was the box with the extra stockings. I searched and searched but I just couldn't find them.

Finally I gave up. I saw the company was still making the same stockings so I ordered one for Camille and called it good. So what if I ended up with an extra stocking. This year I found the extra stockings.
Here you can see our extra stockings. The first has toys on it. The second has a snowman. The third has Santa in his sleigh with reindeer. The white one is our stocking for the Christ child. We write out gifts we promise to give him in the coming year and put them in on Christmas Eve. These are all nice stockings. One of them will be used for Peanut next Christmas.

Then I found the box of our stockings with our names on them. I never remember what is on each child's stocking. I had totally forgotten what kind of stocking I had purchased for Camille.
When I pulled Camille's stocking out, I was so glad that I couldn't find the extra stockings last year. Another tiny miracle to prepare the way for us. Here is Camille's stocking:
I couldn't pick a more perfect stocking for my blue eyed angel daughter knowing what I know now. This was a new stocking design last year for the company who makes these stockings. I already had an angel stocking for Sabrina, but I remember loving this stocking and feeling like it looked like Camille. How glad I am that this is the stocking I chose and that I couldn't find those extra stockings last year. 

Some boxes are not meant to be found. Some children are not meant to live long. In the end, I believe we will find all these things will work for our good.


Amberly said...

what a beautiful reminder that the spirit whispers to us and prepares us for the things we can in no way anticipate. your home looks beautiful and ready for the holidays!

Noorda Notebook said...

wow - how cool that you'd pick an angel stocking without even knowing she'd be a real angel the next christmas. we have the same stockings that you have! lands end, right? my mom bought them all for us and she sends a new one each time a new baby is born. i can't wait to get out my christmas stuff like you have.

susette said...

Oh thank you for decorating early. I wanted to so bad yesterday but got so much flack from the family. I may just have to do it when they aren't looking hee hee :) Have a great sabbath day.

Andrea said...

What awesome confirmation that even though things are devastatingly hard right now, they have happened as they should...Keep an eye on your mailbox, I'm sending a package for Camille's tree tomorrow!

Amanda said...

That is incredible...

Larsen said...

What a tender mercy. Funny how the frustrating things (at the time) turn out to be the greatest tender mercies the Lord can give.

Gavin's Mom

Claire said...

What a sweet experience! Thank you for sharing. Your decorations look beautiful! I'm excited to put mine up next weekend... :D

The Holland Family said...

Those tender mercies are what get us through. I have had so many & I am so grateful that the Lord remembers us mothers who have lost children. Just when we need a sign or a boost, the tender mercies of the Lord are right there to greet us. Isn't it amazing? Love & thoughts - Nicole

Mommy Poulsen said...

How neat! TFS!

The "Street" Clairs said...

Thank you for sharing your story. Her stocking is truly a gift that will always be treasured. We plan on getting out our Christmas things December 1st. It is hard to start traditions when you don't have your own home but I love seeing others and yours brought a soft spirit to the end of an interesting week.

Kunz Family said...

Today it isn't fair. Today I went into the nursery. The day my baby was supposed to go... it just isn't fair. I am so glad that you have that stocking of the angel for Camille. I am having a boy angel one made for Daxton. Thank you for sharing that story.

Anonymous said...

That gave me goosebumps. I love those kinds of stories, and I love it when I have those realizations in my own life.........times when you know Heavenly Father is watching out for you and preparing a little miracles such as this for something coming up.......long before you know anything about the something coming up. Just proves that He is aware of each of us individually and watches over us.

Heidi said...

What an amazing story!

May I ask what company it is that sells those? I also want to have matching stockings for all my family, but don't know how many children we will have...

s g said...

Wow, the tree looks great! What a wonderful tender mercy for you. The stocking is so beautiful for Camille. I am so glad you are celebrating the season extra long.
Sara G.

Presley family said...

Oh how special!!! What sweet comforts you are recieving all of the time. Your home looks so beautiful!!! BIG HUGS!!! Yeah, for unexpected happy moments!!! I love those!!!

Anonymous said...

too special for words....


Stephanie said...

Yes folks, they are Lands End stockings and they have had the same type if not the same exact selection for at least 7 years now.


Kristy said...


We are a part of a happy family said...

your sensitivity to the spirit is so often on target. this is a tender mercy you can enjoy year after year. also, i usually am not anxious to start christmas too early but we've already started singing the carols around here. it just feels like christmas and i'm glad you are starting early. count us in on the previous post. we are having our fhe tonight to remember our acts of kindness and will look for our angel to contribute.

Jennie said...

I had tears streaming down my face while reading this post. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful and sweet tender mercy.

Kathryn_m said...

BLESSINGS: Three precious Angels beneath your beautiful tree plus a very special Angel up on high .... and yet another "in transit".

Glad tidings from my home to yours,

Anonymous said...

We received this poem one year at Christmas after losing my father-in-law. It was very comforting to us, and since then I've tried to share it with people I know who have lost someone they love during the year. Usually I print it on pretty holiday paper and mail it. I don't have your address, but I wanted you to have it. from Jennifer in Michigan


I see the countless Christmas trees
Around the world below.
With tiny lights, like heaven’s stars
Reflecting on the snow.

The sight is so spectacular,
please wipe away that tear,
for I’m spending Christmas
With Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs
That people hold so dear.
But the sounds of music can’t compare
With the Christmas choir up here.

For I have no words to tell you
The joy their voices bring.
For it is beyond description
to hear the angels sing.

I know how much you miss me,
I see the pain inside your heart.
For I’m spending Christmas
With Jesus Christ this year.

I can’t tell you of the splendor
Or the peace here in this place
Can you just imagine Christmas,
With our Savior, face to face?

I’ll ask Him to light your spirit
As I tell Him of your love.
So then pray for one another
As you lift your eyes above.

So please let your hearts be joyful
And let your Spirit sing,
For I’m spending Christmas in heaven
And I’m walking with the King!

--Author Unknown--

a.k.a. Jack said...

It's amazing the tender mercies the Lord sends our way. What greater witness is there that He is truly our Father who loves us dearly? Thank you for sharing.

Kim said...

Beautiful, a tender mercy for certain.

Maggie May said...

that is a lovely angel. as Camille is.

chanel said...

simply incredible, thanks for sharing, and for that beautiful perspective of yours. your bump is so sweet too! :)

Scott&Mandi said...

That was so touching. Thank you so much for sharing.