Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Saby Blog

My little woman Sabrina has been asking for her own blog. In an effort to let her work through her own emotions and also to encourage her writing, I have consented. Of course she will not be allowed to post without my help and supervision to keep her safe but I thought some of you may want to check out her blog.

Introducing The Saby Blog! 

Click on the link to go see her very first, very brief and super sweet first entry entitled "Camille wins!" She will no doubt be watching for comments. She loves to read mine. 


Andrea said...

How sweet. I bet this will really help her to be able to work through her emotions.

DJ Stauffer said...

Hi. I've been snooping around your blog in silence for quite sometime, as I'm sure LOTS of people are doing. But I finally came out of the silence to comment on Sabrina's blog and i thought it only fair to comment on yours as well.

Have you ever heard of The Ten Virgins musical production? Many Relief Societies are putting this program on. It is a script and musical production depicting the life of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins from the parable. Anyway, I had the GREAT privilege to be a part of this a couple weeks ago. Each virgin has their own song and the last virgin's song made me think of you each time I heard it. It's called "Only One." The woman's lamp fell off the table in the night and broke into a million pieces. She talks of how she'd never felt such heartache and thought it was never possible to heal it. She didn't think her lamp could be fixed. Then she sings her song. The chorus goes:
"Only One can take the pieces of my heart and make them whole.
Only One can part the darkness and breathe light into my aching soul.
One way, One Light, one hope, only One.

The verses are incredible, too, but I feel like I've taken up my allotted writing space. If you'd like me to include the verses, let me know.. I'd be happy to. The whole program is fantastic and I'd highly recommend it to all to listen to.

Katee said...

My daughter (seven years old) loves to read all the blogs I follow....I'm am going to direct her to Sabrina's and let her comment! She will think she is so big and will love it so much.

Mimi's Toes said...

What a precious daughter you have. I checked her blog out and she did a great job for her first post.

Heidi said...

Oh what a precious daughter you have there. And what a supportive mother you are!

cynphil6 said...

Yay Sabrina!!

You did a great job!!

I am glad Camille won the game too!

Sister Bailey

Rach said...

Beautiful idea, Steph. I hope this helps her in some small way.

Janessa said...

I've been watching your blog for a long time and I am so impressed with your family. I left Saby a comment, and I think her blog is a great idea as well!

Mel said...

I'm so glad you let her have a blog. She is beautiful, and her entry is very sweet.

Camille said...

your daughter's blog is darling! I love that story and wish we could all still have that sweet, honest innocense. I am sure that will be a great resource to help her express her feelings as well as feel the surrounding support from readers!
I read your alone time blog and felt for sad for you. I guess I am used to coming to your blog to be uplifted and inspired. You seem to be doing so well (online) But I guess I should have known there would still be so much hurt inside. I have a 2 year old, so I can't imagine going on without his caos around me. Quiet time does have to be hard. Just know you have hundreds of moms who support and love you!

Chell said...

I see her comments are on 70 already! Im sure she is going to be thrilled when she logs on and sees that! :)