Friday, October 24, 2008

Never Far Behind

There she is folks. Ann Marie Waite riding her two wheel bicycle. She has spent most of her life trying to catch up to her big sister Sabrina. They are only 19 months apart. She is a quick study and has never been too far behind her big sister to learn things. 

When Sabrina started taking piano lessons, Annie would spend hours figuring out how to play her pieces while Sabrina was at school. When Sabrina was learning to read, Annie was watching over her shoulder and learning right along with her. When we potty trained Sabrina, Annie decided she was done going in her diaper too. (She was just 12 months at the time.) 

So I knew it wouldn't be long after Sabrina learned to ride her bike that Annie took up the interest and learned too. For the record, it took her till Wednesday of this week. Now they are out riding nearly everyday. I am so glad the weather has been so nice. It is wonderful to see them out and doing fun things. 

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you have been writing. They really do perk up my day. Hope you all have a great weekend. I think we will be doing some bike riding.  :)

Way to go my little Ann Marie!


Anonymous said...

Well done Ann Marie!

I hope you are in a happy place tonight Stephanie.

Love to you,


Kathryn said...

Way to go, Annie girl! You've proved my prediction was spot on! Thanks you very kindly for that. But .. I had fantastic clues: like the gleam of determination and that special sparkle of self confidence in your sweet & loving eyes.

Happy & safe biking to you and your big sis, Sabrina!

Hugs to you both,

PS - Your helmet looks awesome -- a real pro!

Jeanenne said...

This reminds me of my first two girls. My second has always been right behind doing everything. 17 1/2 months apart. Now they are 21 and 20. The oldest is on a mission in Italy and the younger is comping at the bit for her birthday so she can go too. This is a happy place for my mind to go. Thank you for the memories. Great Job Ann Marie. You are truely a special girl, and so very smart. I feel like I know you all and can't wait until I put up my own blog so you can get to know my family too. I think we did know each other before we came to earth. Stephanie you probably promised us all to help us through this trial. Thanks Jeanenne

Kelli said...

You ROCK Annie!! Way to not give up.

Hope you are all well today.

Hugs to all.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Bike riding CHECK! Well done Stephanie!
These monumental moments are so special. I bet you could hardly believe your eyes.

Our Olivia and Charlotte are two years + one day apart and same thing, Olivia is learning to read and literally Charlotte is right over my shoulder taking note. We homeschool and Charlotte is often, again, over the shoulder shouting out the answer before her big sis can even get it! : ) Olivia sang in choir last week in church and Charlotte had memorized her song and afterwards said, do you want to hear me sing MY song?

You sound very happy and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend...Julie

Anonymous said...

PS. great job Annie! You are such a big girl! You must be so proud of yourself, congratulations!!!!! We don't have anyone riding two wheels yet in our house!

sarah s. said...

Great job Annie! We can't wait to ride with you in the street, although I don't think our trikes will be able to keep up with you!

Noorda Notebook said...

good job Annie!! we can't wait to see you show us your new skills. i'll bet coop won't be too far behind. he loves speed - and that's much easier without training wheels.

have fun riding with your sister!

Mimi's Toes said...

Wow...that's great! I can remember growing up the same way with my big sister. It wasn't a competition with us. She was my inspiration and motivated me, like your girls. It's so sweet that they are so close.

Shanan said...

YAY Annie Marie!! So proud, so proud!

Heidi said...

I am constantly amazed at how observant and sensitive children are to what other children are doing--and how much they want to do it, too. :)

Great job, Ann Marie!

Jennie said...

Great job Ann Marie! My boys are 21 months apart. The youngest has always been that way with his older brother. Reading when he learned to read etc. The exception is potty training. I can't believe she wanted to go in the potty at one! Way to go. My 2nd son didn't want to do that until he was almost 3. :)

Carolyn said...

Alright Annie! Now you and Sabrina can go on fantastic adventures together! So cool.

Michelle said...

Congratulations to your little one on learning how to ride her bike along with her sister. My nieces are close in age like that and the younger one is soaking up everything the 3 year old is doing right now. Have a great weekend.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Amazing! I love that you allow us to be excited with you and cry with you as well!

When my girls do something awesome we do a little dance and we sing "Oh yeah baby, Oh yeah baby" so here's to you Miss Annie!! :)