Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Silent Auction Item #3

What a remarkable response we are having with our first item! (see below)

We have decided to add two other items for auction. Each auction will end on Thursday, August 28th at 10:00 pm PST.
See the two previous posts for the other two auction items.

This is auction item #3:

Navy Love Kazuri Necklace

22 inches total length
Adjustable length at closure
Color: navy Kazuri beads with a center dark grey bead with navy polka dots

Made with sterling silver secure closure so as not to come undone while wearing them. I made this design with some of my loose Kazuri bead collection. The beads are made of clay from Mt. Kenya and hand shaped and hand painted by underprivileged women who are employees of the Kazuri factory.


1) what am i bidding on?
Navy Love Kazuri Bead Necklace and free shipping of course

2) when can i bid?
now. the bidding begins with the publication of this post.

3) where do i place my bid?
in the comments section of this post we will leave the first comment with the starting bid such as "i start the bid at $40". then the next bidder can submit a comment with their bid like, "I bid $50." and with each bidder to follow they just leave a comment with their price. only bids posted in this post's comments section will apply to this Navy Love necklace.

4) what amount can i bid?
please keep all bids to an even $1--no change please. example: if the bid is $65.00, then the next bid should be $66.00 not $65.50.

5) how do i know what the highest bid is?
check the comments. it will be the most recently posted comment.

6) when does the auction end?

7) what if i win the bid?
after the close of the auction we will post the winner and their bid.
if you are the winning bidder, just email your contact information to lesli2go@yahoo.com.

8) how can i pay for the necklace?
a paypal payment would be preferred. (that makes it easiest for us to transfer the full amount to the nielson's fund) but we will also take a check/cash if you know us personally.

9) will all of the money go to the fund or just a portion?
ALL OF IT, we promise

10) why are you doing this auction when you don't know the Nielson's personally?
because we were so blessed by the kindness of strangers in our time of need.
where much is given, much is expected. this might not end up being much but we feel a need to do what is within our abilities to help. help us help them.

*just a note: to donate directly to the family go to here: www.leslistreets.typepad.com and click on the blue "donate to Nie Nie" button on the left side bar.

HAPPY BIDDING! click comments to leave your bid.


Anonymous said...

We bid $50. Our prayers and best wishes for this lovely couple. Our love to you, Stephanie and Jon, and your family. Thank you for your efforts!
With Love,
D & B

Diane said...

I would love to bid $50 and help on in this worthy cause. The necklace is beautiful.

Diane said...

I see that our comments posted at the same time, I will increase my bid to $60.

Sue said...

Great idea! $70.00 from me!

lyn. said...

Stephanie's two girls are attending our school in Provo now... $75.00

cynphil6 said...

I would love to bid $80.00
The necklace is almost as beautiful as the charity in your hearts!

April said...

I would like to bid $85.00. Thank you for sharing your story with me and for your generosity and compassion towards others.

cynphil6 said...


April said...


Anonymous said...

$100 from me.

beebee mod said...

$125 - So lovely!

Anonymous said...

i bid $135