Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ceding Control

Hello. Today I am doing something truly scary. I am ceding control of my blog to my ever loving husband. I must note that I had read and approved one of his posts that he wrote in answer to the comment by kathryn.m from yesterday. He offered to write a response and I agreed to let him. 

I did not know he would be writing a second post, but a deal is a deal. I guess you and I will see what he does with my blog for the day.



Carolyn said...

I think Jonathan did a commendable job! I hope he will continue to be a guest author in the future.

Shanan said...

definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

i am VERY impressed. my husband would write in a similar, scientific manner but unfortunately he doesn't even read my blog! : ) let alone, take over the controls!

actually, truth be told, only my sister reads my blog and i am ok with that : )

good for you guys! great teamwork!

you are in my prayers today. please be specific when you ask for prayers so i know specifically what to pray for.

your friend,

Heidi said...

LOL! I think he did a great job--welcome, Jonathan! :)