Thursday, July 17, 2008

Too Many Thank Yous

I just had a visit from two lovely women. I had never met them before. They were from the Neighborhood Church. They came to deliver a beautiful large basket and card of condolence. One of them recently lost her husband in a motorcycle accident a couple of blocks from her home. 

These loving women told me their congregation has been praying for our family. I am touched by how many are praying for us. I can literally feel the lift of those prayers. I know the Lord listens to all prayers no matter how we pray. He is no respecter of persons.

When we lived in California, I worked in the community relations area of our church there. In that calling, I met and befriended so many good people of a variety of faiths. It is so encouraging to see the world still has so many good people who are striving to follow the Saviors example. 

I want to thank you--all of you. Thank you for all your prayers for us. Thank you to all who comment and fill my inbox with love. I have been astounded that the number of people coming to this blog has increased instead of decreased with time. I even feel the love from the silent stalkers. Stalk away. Sharing my story spreads out the sadness of it. You are mourning with we who mourn. You are following the admonition of the Lord in so doing. 

I particularly want to thank all the doers out there. I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of thank you notes I need to write. It may take me a long while to get through them and I may not even remember all of them. I am afraid my mind has been like a strainer lately. The only thoughts I have effectively been able to hold in there are those concerning Camille.

Thank you to those who have sent books. I am currently enjoying a bit of escape sent to me by a fellow book club member from California who now lives in Texas (thanks Jen). I love to read and will be making my way through the other books in time. 

Thank you for the locket. I do not personally know the woman who gave it to me, but it now holds a picture of my sweet baby and is a treasure to me. 

Thank you for the hearts, Mrs. Gallant. The girls and I treasure then. Jon says no need to worry, he isn't much of a heart or jewelry kind of guy. :)

So many of you have sent packages for the girls. I remember as a kid how exciting presents were and how happy it could make a bad day to get one. I have seen this again with my girls. These little mementos and gifts have helped distract their minds from missing their sister and given them things to help them remember her.

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated to the Humanitarian Fund or other charities in memory of Camille. These donations do make a difference in the lives of so many around the world. Jon and I saw this first hand in Africa visiting my parents there on their Humanitarian Mission there for our church.

There have been flowers and plants sent and a variety of other packages with treats and treasures, notes and drawings within. To all of you doers, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

And thank you to those who have sent me notecards. When I get my mind wrapped around it, I will need LOTS of thank you cards to show my appreciation.


Jonathan Waite said...

Thank you for the candy and cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just me! said...

Thank YOU sharing your story, Camille's spirit, and the daily scoop of "everything is going to be okay". You bring me comfort! Even though my daily woe's aren't as difficult as your's have been, I gain strength and comfort reading your words. THANK YOU!!

Byron and Heather said...

Hey Steph,
I am coming into town on Saturday and would love to meet up with you. Don't feel any pressure to rearrange your schedule, but if you have a free moment let me know.

Heather Shaw

The Smiths said...

I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your blog. I spent the entire morning reading it and now I want to spend my life making sure I never take my precious girls for granted. Your way of thinking and your unwavering faith are truly admirable. You are an inspiration to all mothers! Thank you.

Dan said...

Your experience has been inspirational to me.

Liz's Blog said...

Hey Steph!
That is so cool that the number has increased! There are so many people that are being touched by Camille everyday. Your little Angel is doing a marvelous work. We love you, We love your family.
Liz, Patrick and Jacob
ps: Jacob says he wants to play in the red car in your back yard with LaLa =)

Anonymous said...

Jon - I had to smile at your thank you for the cookies and candy. It reminded me of a time when my sister hurt her back while she was pregnant. She was unable to move around so the Relief Society brought in meals. My brother-in-law was never so happy. My sister often joked that her husband was a little disapointed when she recovered because the meals stopped coming.
We all know men enjoy good food.

Anonymous said...

As has been said before, you do not know me and I know you only through your blog.
I am utterly awed by your strength and testimony, not to mention completely buoyed by it.
I do not know the pain of losing a child, as I am unable to have any, but I am sure that it must be immense. May you continue to be comforted by Christ, He who holds the Balm of Gilead.
Thank you again for sharing this journey.

Meredith said...

We should be the one thanking you. You have shown so many people what true Fellowship and Faith is all about. You have showed so many that there is life after the loss of a loved one.

You are an amazing women and God is working through you each and every minute.

As always your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Terry said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog, I must say I had tears in my eyes. You have inspired me with your faith. And the answer you gave to your little girl about why Camille's time on earth was short, was in my opinion the perfect one. I believe that as well, God does not desire us to know everything,we need to have faith that God is in control of all things and that we are surronded by His perfect. Through this blog you are being a wonderful witness for God. Thank you for sharing your story, your life. God Bless you and your family

Catherine said...

Thank you for so graciously making note of those of us walking with you who are Christian, but not LDS. That inclusion meant a great deal to me, and I have been silently appreciating the fact that everything you have written in this time of grief is a perfect reflection of the same Christ I know. I have experienced some of the theological differences in the past, when I was asked to mentor several LDS social work students who became very precious to me. I have for that reason been all the more grateful for the unbroken solidarity I feel in watching you walk with Him now, in this moment when you can't do anything but trust in His good plan and accept His grace and mercy to see you through the days. In this truth, we are all alike, and I am thankful to be part of that experience with you.

Anonymous said...

I have no words. I type through tears. You are absolutely profound. You are my daily smile. I want to be more like you. You amaze me.
Love, Stacey

Terry said...
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Terry said...

Sorry I forgot the word love. It is suppose to read His perfect love.

Kathryn said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ways so many people have shown their love to you...the blanket you mentioned in a previous post, the scrapbook from nikki's sister and her friends, now the donations to the humanitarian fund, the locket, books, a big gift basket from strangers who care, and "hearts" (not sure what those are but they seem great.) And I'm sure the goodies have been amazing. I am SO encouraged by the amazing amount of kindness that exists in this world from people of all different religious convictions. Also, I love what you said about spreading out the sadness. And please, Steph, don't spend a second worrying about thank you notes! I think everyone thanks you for our "daily scoop!"

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your blog last night. It has truly blessed me in the last 24 hours.

You have completely inspired me.

I promise you, Camille has such a legacy with her sisters, your family, friends, and anyone such as myself who has gazed upon her face.

Praise God your sweet Angel knows perfect Peace, Happiness and is with Our Father. Praise God for His work in your life and the Grace He has bestowed upon you.

Thank you, new friend, for sharing your heart. I don't know you, but I promise you I care for you and am praying for you.

I have paused several times today to love for an extra moment on my little ones. I also found your reference to Luke 2:52 so very helpful, it's met me where I am today.


Amanda said...

Stephanie- I am the one that sent your blog to one of those ladies that made the blog. She put so much prayer, time, and thought into your basket. I would get calls about it and I was so blown away that you and your family have touched countless number of people from all walks of life. I meant it when I said you need to write a book- you are so talented and gifted in your writing. Let us know when you publish your blog and how to get it. You are someone that people want to be around and draw closer to. HANG IN THERE!!!

Captain and First Officer said...


Thank you for letting me "stalk away!"

I don't know you personally (was referred to your blog by my sis-in-law, who is friends w/ your sis-in-law, Carolyn), but since the first day I read your blog I have been coming back daily.

You are an amazing woman--I am amazed not only by your gift for writing, but by your spiritual strength and especially your faith. What great knowledge we have in the gospel!

What a sweet baby girl you have. While I haven't lost a child personally, I do understand some of the trauma. I used to do daycare and had the misfortune of having one of the babies die from SIDS at my house. As hard as that day was, I can only imagine the pain you must be going through as a mother.

You are an inspiration, and because of you, I hold my "little monster" (and my daughter!) a little longer and tighter each day!

Love to you and your family from Arizona!

Marleen said...

Thank you for boosting me spiritually. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could get our pilates on. I need some boosting or should I say slimming down in that area.

MaudieV said...

I, too, am a fellow stalker. My daughter stumbled on to your blog and called me to talk about it. We have been 'stalking' for a couple of weeks. Your thoughts and emotions bring back those I felt when I lost my 3 week old daughter over 25 years ago. My 'Rindee' has never been forgotten in our family. Even the two girls who were born after her untimely death know her as their 'older sister'. Last year, we were in the temple for the wedding of our last child. Our wayward son who had worked hard to be in the temple with our family was there, making this family event even more special. After the sealing, my son came to me and said, "Mom, all your children were in the temple today." I answered, "I know son, isn't it wonderful." He then said, "No, Mom, all your children were here. I felt Rindee walk into the room and sit beside me during the sealing."
Stephanie, I know with all my heart that Camille will always be a part of your lives. There will come days, when she is not in every thought, but she will be in your heart and your family forever. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your life and for reminding me of the special blessings from having an Angel Daughter.

Melissa Everett said...

My Husband and I got married in the Neighborhood Church! Good people over there. I am amazed by the amount of people you have touched, inspired and uplifted by just sharing your story. You are an amazing person! Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I am a silent stalker. I check in here often and always read with tears in my eyes. Sometimes they are sad tears for all that you have lost, but often they are happy tears for your beautiful outlook on life, love and religion. I hold my children a little closer, and give them a few more kisses now that I have come to "know" Camille and the rest of your family.
I wish you Peace in the hearts of you and your husband. And Peace for your beautiful sensitive little ones.

Stephanie said...


for sharing with us your grief, struggles, journey and triumph. I feel so enlightened and strengthened by you daily.