Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life in the backyard

Yesterday our backyard came to life!  The landscaper came with his men and they worked most of the day putting plants in the ground and preparing the middle for the turf to go in.  It was really exciting to see all the beautiful plants going in.  I snapped some photos this morning of the progress.

Here we have a Meyer Lemon tree, some agapanthas or lilies of the nile, a gardenia bush, and in the front there will be some Gerber Daisies (the nursery ran out yesterday).
This side of the walkway has a lime tree two Dahlias, and 3 gerber daisies.  I love these Dahlias!  I'll have another post about them.
This is from the spascape.  Along the back wall are shrubs, lilies, irises, star jasmine in the corner, red lantana, and more agapanthas.  There will also be a couple rose bushes over in the corner.

I love that so many of my favorite flowers are now in my backyard!  Such fun!!!

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Darleen said...

It looks really good! Will your spa be available when I come into town???