Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's the Scoop!

Thousands of mothers all across America have a new favorite obsession: blogging. The age of information has broadened the typical homemaker's horizon for close friendships and networking. Now a stay-at-home mother can connect on a daily basis with friends, family, and perfect strangers through writing their own blogs and commenting on others.
With this emergence of the blogging community, some have been reluctant to lay out their private lives into cyberspace for anyone to explore. One such mother is Stephanie from the Las Vegas area. "If I ever ran for public office, would I really want all that information out there?," she has been known to say. Yet she too has succumbed to the lure of the cyber neighborhood and has begun construction of her own home there.
"The benefits finally outweighed the drawbacks," she admitted in a recent interview. "I hope that blogging will give me a more creative and permanent outlet for my love of writing."
Stephanie's blog will focus on bringing a daily scoop to readers. As an ice cream lover, she hopes her posts will have as much variety as Baskin-Robbins. With post plans ranging from creative writings to hard news stories, Stephanie hopes her "Daily Scoops" will entertain, inform, and amuse.
Stephanie is the lucky wife of Jonathan, a hedge fund manager (perhaps there is a post in her future to answer the all too common question "what is that?") A former journalist turned criminal defense attorney, Stephanie has spent the last six years as a full time mother to her now four daughters, Sabrina (6), Ann Marie (5), Lauren (2), and Camille (1).
Her blog can be found at
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Mark & Emily said...

very fun steph. you know you can make your blog private so tat only people you invite to it can view it. that is how ours is.

for some reason there is no where to click to leave a comment about the work. i love all your game ideas. i guess you learned a thing or two from grammy about making your kids friends help with housework! and, of course, we know where your love of having a friend keep you company while you work came from! those were the days!

a couple game ideas we do:
beat the clock: set a timer and see if you an clean a certain room beofre it goes off.
robots: kids pretend they are robots and you wind them up and start them by pressing their nose.
sparkle the house: pretedn you are fairies/pixies and you have to hurry and sparkle the house before anyone notices.
60 second tidy: tell them you will count to 60 (1 minute) and see what you can get done. then you count slow enough that they finish the task before you get to 60.

The Gray Family said...

welcome to the blogging world! I will have to keep your cleaning ideas in mind...Brendan helps sometimes (when he feels like it!) and he is almost old enough to get some of the games. Your kids are getting so big! When we moved out of the ward you only had the 2. Cute family! Our blog is if you want to check it out!

Familia Martinez said...

Beautiful family. I can't believe how big the girls have doesn't seem like that long that we were all there in California together. You should check out our blog as well...

Thanks for the update. Great to hear from you. Love the games. We all need new ideas especially when it involves the household chores. =)

Marleen said...

Yippee! I'm excited to read a daily scoop each day. Pictures too? What a treat. Welcome to the beautiful world of blogging.