Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Where you been so long?"

I know that is what many of you have been asking? The answer is Dallas. We took a long family trip to Dallas to visit my brother Stephen and his wife Rachel and to see their oldest child, Blanche, get baptized. Stephen's family just bought a home and moved in a few days before we arrived. They were so great to host us in the middle of such a crazy time.

We had fun at the Great Wolf Lodge and the Legoland Discovery Center and the Arboretum and the Children's Museum. We ate some wonderful food (some of us ate a few BBQs too many ... Jon thinks he will not want meat for at least a month.) We had some amazing sushi with a Tex Mex twist. I know sounds crazy but spicy Mexican sauce on mango wrapped sushi was super delicious. We also had wonderful souffles at Rise.

We were treated to my sister in law's wonderful gourmet cooking including a hot chocolate birthday cake with homemade marshmallows. (Seriously not good for my diet ... I mean the "hot chocolate" frosting was like crack to me.) We had great brisket from Hard Eight and great chicken quesadillas and brisket tacos from Mi Cocina. Finally, our last night, Stephen and my parents and I had a wonderful light dinner at The Porch while Jon and Rachel got some take out Indian food and watched the kids. Both were totally good. Salted Carmel Chocolate Ganache Bread Pudding anyone??? HELLO!

Someday I think I would love to write a food blog where I just eat out and tell people about the food.  :)

We had a super time. We especially LOVED seeing Blanche get baptized and feeling the wonderful spirit in my brother and sister in law's new home. It is the first home they have owned that I can see them living in long term. I am excited for them to have such a comfortable and lovely space in which to raise their children.

I think my kids favorite part was the cousins. When Aunt Rachel asked Annie what her favorite activity was, she put it best by saying spending time with the cousins, "I mean think about it Aunt Rachel, what is Dallas without cousins?" Well put Annie. Family is always tops with us.

On the airplane home with all my little ones in tow, I just got pounded once again by the emotion of how much I LOVE my family. I love the family I grew up in and I LOVE the little family that Jon and I have created together.

In any case, I am home at last and will be back to my regular blogging again. I also will be hosting anyone who wants to come watch Dance with me tonight. Nutter Butter truffles anyone???


Lee said...

I live in Dallas so glad y'all had such a nice visit. Wish the weather could have been better.

Don't feel like you have to answer, but I'm curious if you think it's harder to be Mormon in a place like Dallas rather than somewhere with a larger LDS population?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

Joyce Kay said...

I just love reading your blog. Your last blog said your brother had a daughter named Blanche. That is a very old name not heard of any more. I have a 4 year old daughter that we named her Blanche after my grandma. So, glad to see that someone else is keeping that name alive. Glad you had a good time in Texas. God's Blessings to you and your family.

Jonathan Waite said...

I'm not sure what Stephanie would say but I think it's more difficult to be a member among a predominantly Mormon community due to the "gray areas" of commitment rather than the black and white issues of worship/commitment (such as we encounter here in Las Vegas). I'd be curious to hear where you think the best BBQ in TX is ??

Anonymous said...

as someone that has lost a baby and that has a law background...would you be willing to share your thoughts on the highly public trial and verdict of Casey Anthony? I'm sure you could shed many different insights as a mother, attorney, someone that has grieved a child, do you think she is mentally ill, what is your church's or the mormon view of the death penalty? thanks.

We are a part of a happy family said...

It really was a great week together. I think we could throw more food consumed into this post but I think that might tip the scales.

Your family is fantastic and Blanche's baptism will definitely be something to remember. Thank you for contributing to the spirit felt and sharing your musical talents there as well.

Random, I want to know...what are your plans for national dance day? So do you think YOU can dance?

Lee said...

You have to go toward Central TX to get really good barbecue, in my opinion. In Dallas, I like Sammy's and Lockhart and Railhead in Fort Worth.